Thankful For Another Year

Monday, July 25, 2011
Today is a very interesting day because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY (July 25th). I am 22 today and I would say I have grown a lot and I am thankful to God for so many things, I see life in a different way. But before I go into details, I know everyone is suppose to receive a gift on their birthday, but who says you can't give yourself a little treat. I have a thing for shoes, so I decided to get myself a pair of shoes that I wouldn't normally get for myself. I saw this shoe online, and It was perfect. I have never owned a transparent shoe before, and I was never a big fan, they normally scream stripper shoes to me. But this shoe screamed classy and different.

Shoe: Chloe

What I thank God for

1) For allowing me to see another year, not everyone has that privilege.

2) For my amazing family, that supports and does not judge me in whatever I choose to do with my life, I really cherish that.

3) The most amazing friends who always put a smile on my face and are there to help whenever I'm in need (they are all spread in different parts of the world) sigh!.

4) The most amazing boyfriend any girl can have. I thought I had been in love before, but he proved me so wrong. lol

5) The blessings God has been showing me, If I really have to write everything down, it would take days.

6) For giving me peace and happiness. People always ask me why I'm always smiling, I always reply why should I be frowning. I'm just happy with life, and I tend to surround myself with people that love and bring positive energy around me. it makes life a lot easier.

Have an amazing week!

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