Dubai, here I come!!

Friday, July 30, 2010
Hey guys, If you're following me on Twitter, you will find out that I am actually on my way to Dubai :D. I am excited because I haven't been there before. A little of Sex and the City motivated this trip, eventhough that was not their destination.
Passport, Nitendo DSi, Ipod touch, Iphone, LV wallet, my car and house key (i always take it everywhere with me), a mint bubble gum and my LV bag.
These are what I have in my bag for now (I normally add a few extra things before heading to the airport).

A little inspiration

One problem I normally have when I travel is not holding my camera. I am just into the shopping that i forget to take lovely pictures. But since I have a blog now, I'll try and hold it as much as possible.

See you SweetHearts in a Week!!
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Have a great week. Kisses!!

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