Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shoes are like people.
They can be warm,
They can be cold,
Or blue, or green,
Or red or old
They may be new
Like a fresh spring day
And some of them...well, smell
And make you turn away
Some shoes have heels,
And some are flat
Some even have installed lights,
What's up with that?
Some shoes are lazy, cheerful and fun,
Yet there are those that like to run.
Some like to dress-up and dance away the night
And aggressive shoes are made to fight.
Some shoes are popular,
Some are cute and sweet,
There are those that look like candy,
But they are not to eat.
They may be queer in colour,
Or have a little lace
Some shoes come with a zipper
Or Velcro on their face.
Most shoes have an expression:
A smile, a frown, a wink,
And some are sad and dirty,
Waiting by the sink.
I know a pair that's different
And I don't really know
They told me they were meant
For skiing down the snow.
Some shoes are very useful,
And some get tired soon
Some shoes are truly wild,
For walking on the moon!
Some shoes are very talkative,
And some of them untied,
But most shoes are like people,
And I am all of them combined. 
(Shoes by Renie Pliner)
 Betsey Johnson
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