In The Name of Sugar!! (part 3)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A couple of days ago, a friend and I went to get some sugar in our system and to hangout together for a bit.
We went to this place called Ice cream factory. So I took a couple of pics.

Hope you guys don't get the sugar rush. lol
Some Ice cream.
I picked up a brownie on my way out.
 That's my friend Temi :), i call her tey tey. 
 That's us.

I had a waffle with white chocolate strawberry swirl. (the waffle tasted so good).
Tey Tey. (don't mind the constructions).
That's me
Top: from my sis
Pants: jeggings
Shoes: Matiko
Bag: Coach
Tank Top: Marciano

Ps: Im back in Canada, will post what I wore to the airport later.
Hope you guys had a great day.

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