Flower girl

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Hello guys, I am finally done with exams "phew!!", its about time. I am actually at the airport trying to kill a lot of time (battery dying slowly). I am on my way to the motherland (Nigeria) for a little vacation. I need that home cooked meal and some love. lol "no place like home". It is going to be a 13 hour flight, so I needed to wear something really comfortable. "I know I am going to sleep through the flight".
 The thing I love about this dress is how light it is and the back is longer than the front. 
 I almost pulled a Marilyn Monroe, the breeze was crazy.
 I love my earrings, I am into big studs now. 
 Flower dress
Steve Madden Sandals
Louis Vuitton bag
Brown belt
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