Holy Holy!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010
Today is a great day, and I am enjoying every minute so far. 
        Church today was awesome, I had so much fun. I think I was excitied because I haven't really been there for weeks (i don't like waking up early). But I was a little pissed off today because by the time I got there, the parking lot was filled up and I had to park faraway and walk all the way to the front door in my heels.

I didn't really know what to wear, so I put this outift together. I think it looked cute. 
I wish I could tell you the funny story behind this picture. My sister helped me take all the pics this morning and she gave me a really hard time. lol. But it was fun, we had laughs (bending to take the shoes was not funny for her) lol.

Sweater: modcloth
Black pencil skirt
Clutch: Betsey Johnson
Shoe: L.a.m.b
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